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Sales Scope Allocations


Map scope allocation to enhance growth opportunities.

How a salesforce is deployed directly effects the growth of an organization, hence a lot of time and money is dedicated to better managing and evolving the salesforce. Besides constantly restructuring it over the life cycle of a certain product, organizations must define the scope by which the salesforce can operate together with various other channel partners in a distribution network, to not only meet customer expectation but to predict future trends and at their own accord.

It becomes integral for an organization to outline the various roles and allocate to their salesforce, specific customers, market segments and product portfolios, besides channel partners, varying as per salesforce size, specialization, and drive. As appropriate allocation of the scope helps to further the organization vision, and determines how quickly the salesforce seizes market opportunities and generates revenue, by better managing cost to company and fast-tracking profitability.

Of course technology is now indispensable to every business process and greatly impacts how the salesforce integrates various processes to go to market, but in a non-eXchange environment, it can be overly perplexing to accurately map the scope allocated to a salesforce, and that's where the eXchange comes in!

The eXchange offers:

  • Configuration of sales scope for every member of salesforce
  • Flexible sales scope allocation
  • Clarity of sales scope amidst salesforce
  • Increase in market opportunities, revenue and profitability

The eXchange not only helps to map the sales scope but also maps channel partners to their principals and by configuring flexible scope allocations, it allows them to work as a team, to enhance overall productivity, as mapping opens up a host of opportunities.

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Last edited: August 3, 2018