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Convert Lead/Quote into Orders


Seamlessly convert leads and quotes into orders.

How organizations communicate with their channel partners and their leads from the very start indicates how they plan to communicate with their customers, as communication itself deeply stands to impact potential business opportunities. From accurate lead generation, sales roadmap structuring, quotation generation to efficient order placement and carry out, a seamless and integrated system is vital in order to provide ease of implementation.

Once leads are logged into a system and quotes are generated, channel partners can avoid the necessary duplication of effort and simply convert leads into orders, as all the data required is already in the system, this not only helps to maintain consistency in terms of accurate order placement, but also increases profitability due to progressive and reliable channel partner and customer relationships.

The eXchange makes it possible to access accurate and consistent information throughout a multi-tier distribution network in a timely fashion, as the system holds between the principal and its channel partners, one version of the truth/ one set of information throughout, till amended by the principal himself.

The eXchange offers:

  • Efficient conversion of lead/quotes into orders
  • Formats are structured using existing accurate ad consistent masters data
  • Elimination of effort duplication
  • Increased profitability due to progressive and reliable channel partner and customer relationships

The moment a lead is ready to be converted into a customer and a quotation is generated, the eXchange can instantly use existing data to place orders with utmost accuracy enabling seamless exchange and building trustworthy long lasting relations.


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Last edited: August 4, 2018