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Official Quote Generator


Uphold accuracy in quotations every time.

Maintaining a respectable business rapport is crucial for long lasting relationships with channel partners and customers alike, especially when it comes to monetary matters, as everyone looks to be treated fairly and at times even requires special consideration.

In a dynamic market place products constantly get either altered, upgrades or scrapped, leading to significant and rapid SKU proliferation, and disruption in pricing models, shifting from old price to new. It becomes impossible to track every SKU, and keep an impeccable account at all times, in a manually intensive non-eXchange environment. Besides there?s always the possibility of errors that come with manual feeding of data and the off chance of mistakenly offering customers and channel partners discounts that aren't viable or approved as per negotiations. All these factors have really high probability in terms of occurrence in day to day work routines, and could lead to significant discontent amidst customer and channel partners, as a mismatch in terms of quotations generated could lead to loss of face, especially in the initial stages of building a relationship.

The eXchange solves the challenges that channel partners face while generating quotations in a disconnected non-eXchange environment, as it becomes vital for organizations to avoid the possible risk of errors with manual intensive quotations in excel when dealing with potential or existing channel partners or customers. 

The eXchange offers:

  • Maps product life cycle with its meta information for each SKU
  • Maintains data hygiene through masters enabling single versions of the truth every time
  • Transparency in negotiations and flexibility in trade
  • Accurate data capture and archive facility
  • Quotations generating with existing master files

The Exchange offers real time updates in their item masters and product pricing, and uses these master files to generate accurate quotations each time, with the added benefactor of flexible and transparency negotiations in trade. Hence the name "The official quote generator".


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Last edited: August 4, 2018