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Min-Max Stock Levels


Consistently maintain inventory levels.

Organizations need to constantly gear up for changing customer demands by analysing fluctuations in supply. Inventory optimization in a decentralized environment, helps to balance out variability and consistently meet customer expectations. More often than not, inventory management in a non-eXchange environment lacks predictive logic which leads to sub-optimal inventory levels.

When organizations are unable to adapt to dynamic consumer expectations, they not only lower supply assurance which brings down market confidence, but by accumulating excess stock they subject themselves to higher cost of working capital besides the added risk of expiry and obsolescence. The eXchange offers configuration of min- max values for every SKU, in order to track inventory levels and consistently override defaults, either when stocks run low or they can further be deployed, to maintain just-in-time on-hand stock, besides various triggers help to alert the system to re-group and manage the inventory based on diverse criteria to meet order fulfilment. 

The eXchange offers:

  • Configuration of min-max inventory values
  • Inventory mapping metrics to meet basic requirements
  • Perfectly stocked inventory in a multi-tier distribution system

The eXchange helps channel partners achieve order efficiency by making sure inventory is always at hand when required, obviating overstocking of inventory which rendering it obsolete, and understocking which increases lost opportunity cost, by consistently adapting to altercations in min-max stocking requirements.


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Last edited: August 3, 2018