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Sales Returns Processing


Make the return process automatic and error-free.

Processing sales returns can be tedious and error prone, but through the eXchange sales returns are easy and run smoothly through automation, as the system merely reverses the invoicing process; instead of raising an invoice to buy, now a return request is generated and is processed similarly but in reverse.

The shipment of the goods also works in reverse, as tracking of the physical flows remains the same, the only difference is that now the goods are forwarded from a seller to a buyer through a reverse logistics flow, where there is a knockoff against accounts payable and what was initially sold. 

What's essential for effective execution of a sales return is the need for the serial no. of the sales return request to match that against the one on the invoice, for which the return is being processed, and also the terms of return on that invoice have to be met. The eXchange enables set identifiers that have been mandated on the system, to uniquely identify goods meant to be returned against the document which they were originally sent against, for error free, automatic and optimal efficiency. 

The eXchange offers:

  • A streamlined return process
  • Inventory tracking in reverse
  • A system that meets all regulations and stipulations

Attain a smooth sales return process with the help of the eXchange, as the system simply reverses the invoicing process the moment a return request is generated and the serial no. on the invoice is confirmed, all the while meet the necessary terms of return, ensuring optimal customer satisfaction.


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Last edited: August 3, 2018