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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX

Central Masters


Data integrity defines the essence that strengthens a company's core.

Central masters work as a storehouse of content and bring singularity to the multiverse of structures and processes in a multi-tier distribution network; simply by constantly ensuring one version of the truth. They help channel partners form unique identification with significant people, products, parties, and places, all on a single platform. As without common masters across the platform, data integrity is at risk throughout the supply chain.

The eXchange empowers trade partners in a distribution network to focus on business growth and leaves the responsibility of data hygiene required to streamline routine operations, to the system's software. Besides accurate, updated, and verified data every time, avoid the loss of visibility and control over resellers and hence potential markets, as the supply chain deepens.

Data hygiene enables streamlined business conduct in a manner that saves overall costs and avoids time consuming errors. Additionally, automated integration of data through the eXchange helps generate reports with easy access to a constantly developing customer base, top transactions, and market analysis, on an ever evolving platform, to keep channel partners in line with their vision.

The eXchange offers:

  • Limiting errors throughout the supply chain
  • Meeting deliveries just in time whether trade or transfer
  • Gaining efficiency across the distribution network
  • Analysing information made easy for every user involved
  • Enhancing vision and uplifting the entire workforce

Through the eXchange avoid errors and foresee future hiccups with consistent data hygiene. Accurate data enables on time order dispatch and delivery, as transactions take place in a streamlined fashion. Get easy access to market analysis, order reviews and a consistently growing customer base. With the supply chain working optimally, focus efforts on business growth at large.


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Last edited: January 23, 2018