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Asset Records


Exhibit utmost accuracy of asset custody.

Organizations are constantly churning out products used for promotion into their distribution network. When dealing in large volumes, they easily fall prey to unaccounted assets, which get either misplaced or are tampered with. Therefore channel partners that have huge capital invested in revenue generating assets, stand to lose out on substantial market opportunities besides their existing investments in the form of exploited assets, when record keeping is manual intensive.

Unkempt records are a frequently faced issue as employees deny custody of assets that are shown to be under their care, which have essentially changed hands amid channel partners multiple times, allowing recourses to easily be taken for granted and sold at discounted prices, and banked for cash.

The eXchange enables tracking of each individual asset, with alerts at every interval of either trade or transfer in a distribution network, to avoid asset manipulations and uphold data hygiene by encouraging accountability of accurate custody amongst channel partners at any given time.

The eXchange offers:

  • Assets can be managed on an account or unit member level
  • Departments can track utilization of assets
  • Alerts to channel partners on trade or transfer within the supply chain
  • Obliteration of manipulation
  • Accurate asset custody depiction
  • Accountable channel partners¬†

Record keeping through the eXchange is an automatic procedure and exhibits utmost accuracy in terms of asset custody, denounces asset manipulation altogether within a distribution network and encourages thorough utilization of recourses set aside for revenue generation, enhancing multi-tier organizational growth.


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Last edited: August 3, 2018