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Multi-Location Stock Visibility


Increase channel partner pro-activeness through multi-location stock visibility.

Inventory management becomes a tough ordeal when inventory is stocked in multiple locations, without clear representation of its upstream movement to end consumer. As most businesses operate through multiple warehouses that correspond with different channel partners, it becomes increasing important to have visibility at the source, in order to generate real-time product data from diverse sources. Visibility changes everything.

It's not only important to know what's in stock at any given moment, it's equally important to know what the inventory is deployed for, especially when the inventory has different degrees of movement, in a multi-tier distribution network. Hence, enabling a comprehensive view of inventory, guarantees on-demand order fulfilment, by encouraging a proactive supply chain.

The eXchange intelligently deliberates the meta information of each individual product to encapsulate its current location at any given moment. This helps channel partner better manage their inventory stock by avoiding unnecessary confusion in regards to inventory whereabouts, and enabling efficient order fulfilment.

The eXchange offers:

  • Real-time multiple location inventory visibility
  • Increased channel partner accountability
  • Proactive order fulfilment

The eXchange allows channel partners to operate effectively across enterprise to better synchronize order demand and supply from multiple locations with ease, consistently delivering high performance, through just-in-time order fulfilments.


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Last edited: August 3, 2018