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Managing Discounts: Transactional Exceptions


Even before an order is placed, trade partners negotiate the terms of agreement, but in scenarios where a dealer applies an exceptional discount that isn't the norm, the order time gets extended as the flow of the order changes. The cycle time increases to accommodate the exceptional discount, as the commercials need to be revised before the discount is accepted.

The eXchange handles these exceptions in an efficient manner, reducing the excess time consumed. The moment an order is placed, with a discount that is above and beyond the agreed price equation, there is an alert that pops up on the system, and the system automatically offers trade partners the opportunity to go to and fro, between the buyer and the seller to manage the exception in a proficient manner.

This goes to show how real life business dealings are conducted on the eXchange, as they allow you to forgo the time spent communicating in person or through telephonic exchange, setting a future track record of how suppliers and buyers will conduct their business.  

The eXchange offers:

  • An intelligent system that monitors trade partner agreements
  • Immediate alerts on transactional exceptions
  • Instant to and fro negotiations
  • A platform that enables real life business dealings efficiently

The eXchange allows trade partners to carry out transactions just like they would in a non-eXchange environment, except in a more efficient and rational manner, for smoother functioning and steady relationships throughout the distribution network.


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Last edited: August 2, 2018