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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX

Contextual Problem-Solving


It is absolutely crucial for the design of any system to be flexible, as no design can fit every framework perfectly. Especially when the framework itself is susceptible to change given the external factors in a progressive market economy.


Adapting to a new design can take its time but the beauty of a flexible design is that, it allows for contextual problem-solving through altercations, in order to map the real needs of the business, and steadily imbibe them into the design for smooth functioning.


Whether technological, social, strategic or otherwise, organizations need to constantly rewire their core business, and rise above the inevitable vagaries of a highly competitive market, to not only differentiate themselves from their competition, but to set higher standards for themselves.


Once our design, digital, and deliver cycle is implemented, transitioning towards other phases not only allows the organization to expand its horizons, but allows newer design to be incorporated, during the expansion cycle through collaborative feedback.


We strive to enhance an organizations performance, by constantly revisiting and delivering strategic consciousness, and a responsive system design, that thrives in an evolving market economy.   


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Last edited: July 22, 2017