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Assets eXchange


Account for all your assets to always show a profit.

Organizations invest a substantial amount of money in assets, deployed to deliver business outcomes, whether revenue generating or otherwise. Evolving business dynamics dictate that these assets need to constantly be on the move, from location to location, shifting custody from one person to another, in order to be optimally utilized for maximum output.

Company assets, are constantly changing hands throughout the supply chain, with next to nil accountability which is negligence that if totalled, highlights major losses. Tracking each asset that is deployed is the only way to attain an accurate and real-time representation of asset accountability.

The eXchange helps tame such meticulous tasks with ease, dismissing the non-value add efforts of manual asset tracking and updating, which is time consuming and often irrelevant by the time the data is collated. In one shot, gain access to an assets current location, status, and history, and invest valuable time to maximise the returns from its optimal utilization.

The eXchange offers:

  • Asset categorization in terms of location, status and history
  • Automatic asset identification¬†
  • Accurate data capture and collation
  • Anticipation of future requirements
  • Individual asset accountability and prompt utilization

The eXchange provides complete visibility over the whereabouts of assets at all times. Ensuring utmost quality in terms of process and data, need based provisioning of assets to ensure greater availability and appropriate usability. The system allows you to make the most out of your existing assets in order to acquire prominence in the market.


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Last edited: August 3, 2018