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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX


Scan-in to Receive


Automation through scanning is the future of business.

Organizations constantly strive to achieve integration of various business systems, processes and functions, to enable a unified front in order to maximise outcome. Lack of integration leads to lowered levels of communication and productivity, which inevitably stunts the long term financial health of a company. Hence adopting various strategies that synchronize operations is integral for a thriving business.

The eXchange in the near future will automate various fundamental aspects of a business, from its assets, to its products and their mode of payments. Through CodeX companies will be able to maintain an automated account of their assets to better assess future requirements. Similarly with ScanX, all the meta information of every individual product will be mapped using labelled barcodes, directly through the web browser and the eXchange will automate payment methods for every transaction through SwipeX.

The eXchange aims to accommodate all fundamental aspects that govern day to day operations to enhance profitability of a company, through a system that simply scans-in to receive efficiency in terms of assets, products and their payments.


The eXchange offers:

  • Asset tracking services
  • Mapping of individual product cycles
  • Automatic payment transactions

The eXchange uses the most basic techniques to address various business needs, in order to keep operations streamlined and easily traceable, to maintain transparency and consistently deliver an edge, as it evolves alongside businesses, to adapt to a multitier enterprise distribution networks.


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Last edited: August 2, 2018