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Multi-Degree Stock Movement


Attain multi-degree stock visibility at any given time.

In a multi-tier distribution network goods are constantly on the move, through trade or transfer, from one channel partner to another. Many a time it becomes difficult to track the movement of goods, as they are passed down, from supplier to consumer, making it essential to incorporate a system by which channel partners can keep track, of multi-degree movements in real-time, to enhance operational efficiency.

The eXchange at any given moment can attain real-time perspective of not only a product's current location but also maps shift in ownership, to avoid any confusion that may lead to delays in order fulfilment, by tagging each product with meta information to help generate instant access. Of course, not every movement of goods is ideally a sale, hence to distinguish between trade and mere transfer, the eXchange tags a principal around every stock movement, to define its ownership.

Every individual piece of product is given a unique identification (UID), which helps to zero in on the current location no matter the custody, as goods move from point A to B, B to C, and C to D, as long as A has ownership of the goods, he has real-time visibility over them.  

The eXchange offers:

  • Individual product UID tagging
  • Real-time perspective on location and ownership of goods
  • Multi-Degree Stock Visibility

The eXchange constantly continues to track goods as they move multiple times in a very complex web of interfaces, in order to drive operational efficiency to meet business requirements. A principal at any given point in time can generate a report in regards with a certain UID to get a real-time depiction of inventory status. 


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Last edited: August 3, 2018