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Repeat Ordering


Various trading partners in a distribution network end up placing a standard order at regular intervals. Having to structure previously placed orders anew every now and then, leads to incorrect or incomplete data capture. Consequently trade partners require an option of pre-defined templates which enhances ease and ensures authenticity of repeat orders. Forgoing the need to start from scratch each time, and allowing trade partners to maintain a clear representation for regularly placed orders, with the added option to incorporate altercations when deemed fit, in order to endorse best practices.

Through the eXchange, every time a repeat order needs to be placed, the purchase manager merely generates a saved template, and simply makes changes to it, in order to improve efficiency and increase accuracy of order placements. Placing orders with virtually no errors, allows for consistency in terms of trade transactions and relations. 

The eXchange offers:

  • Option to save templates for reoccurring orders
  • Easy adjustments through amendable formats
  • Repeat ordering efficiency
  • Clear and authentic representation
  • Consistent best practices

Enhance the efficiency of the order process with the help of the eXchange, using updated and verified data every time through pre-defined templates that can be altered as per business need, to engrain throughout the workforce, the virtue of best practices.


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Last edited: August 3, 2018