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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX

DIGITAL [Making More Possible]


As the world moves from the information to the digital era, possibilities multiply exponentially, fundamentally altering the way we work with and relate to everything around us. The possibilities are undefined as they allow manpower and technology to come together unlike ever before. Designing systems that leverage the digital aspect to discover new realities, and widen enterprise horizons to meet consumer needs.


No design can deliver real value without developing digital capabilities any longer. We aim to usher growth as a partner in a journey of lasting improvements through enhanced business capabilities, for higher performance in a consumer centric business world, all for a better tomorrow.

We bring forward thinking capabilities that merge with our digital platform, enabling technology capabilities that create realistic pathways for feasible transformations, by empowering a multi-tier distribution network which exponentially multiplies how performance is delivered.


There is significant value add in a platform that is neutral and independent, enabling multiple parties to come together and share common data pools, for anytime actionable analysis at the fingertips of the workforce, changing forever the way people do business, and the customer's experience.

Multiply Growth. Multiply Efficiency. Contact Us.

Last edited: July 22, 2017