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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX

Rethinking Productivity


Productivity like business agility is essential to organizational growth. Measuring resource utilization helps to provision for future requirements effectively, and directly affects the bottom line.


It ensures redirection of resources to core business activities, and helps shift amassed organizational energy towards development activities, that are highly customer focused. Making rethinking of productivity essential in a consumer centric world, where a system's design can significantly help restructure growth.


Decision makers in organizations tend to think they have time, but they don't realise it's their scarcest resource, as time moves forward resources take on higher costs, making it a challenge for organizations to continuously utilize their resources to their full potential.


We enable charting out periodic resource deployment across functions with ease, to help organizations ascertain accurate utilization of both time and resources.  And forgo non-productive activities and non-impactful resource consumption through collaborative thinking and data analysis, by redesigning, streamlining, and automating processes, to significantly impact productivity. 


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Last edited: July 24, 2017