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How information is shared, makes all the difference.

Information is power and enhanced interoperability is key to achieving a refined information sharing system for user-friendly and secure exchange. Notesroom enables intranets for private information sharing, through a simple, hassle-free and cost-effective cloud platform to create and manage multipurpose secure sites, and is an effective alternative to big budget and complex tools.

Considering that all aspects of life are information intensive, information is a necessity and is exchanged frequently. This makes sharing unavoidable, but not all information is for everyone. The need of the hour is a secure site that enables private, discreet and selective information sharing without compromising competitive advantage. Notesroom works through intranets (secure sites), that are customizable and make for a useful tool for employees, team members, customers, dealers, management, leadership, and investors alike.

Content Room (a module in notesroom) enables multi-purpose information collaboration with ease, as it offers secure sharing and management of information. The cloud-based platform with its simple and elegant user interface can be deployed for any purpose, to any person and at any place, making it ideal for professionals, knowledge sharing communities, enterprise users and private associations; both for internal team work, development and external customer/member engagement. 

The eXchange offers:

  • Secure sites for private communication
  • Sharing of confidential information for faster business growth
  • Professional development though effective learning
  • Productive collaboration through synchronized teamwork

Whether a team or an individual, information can be organized for specific people and projects through a single location, helping teams share ideas and manage projects, on a distinctively designed platform built to publish rich websites using familiar tools. Notesroom is based on a simple idea - the better you know, the better you do!


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Last edited: August 4, 2018