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Secondary Sales Visibility


Without end-consumer sales visibility, market intelligence is sheer guesswork.

Organizations selling through third party channel partners fail to collate solid information to identify their end consumers, as they encounter opaque market intelligence beyond their own enterprise for their own products, which is integral to making crucial trade decisions. This dilutes the impact of decisions that require refinement to enhance the overall go-to market strategy, through better knowledge of customer segmentation, ideal product mix and markets, by tracking the sales performance per segment.  Only secondary sales visibility enables organizations to discern high impact marketing initiatives which influence growth at a faster rate.

Most companies in a non-eXchange environment have access to, either tampered manual data, market information in silos, or unavailable information too cumbersome to accumulate, of course by the time the data is collated it is irrelevant because it is outdated. Also a sizable representation of the market needs to be considered for an accurate account, this entails data collected at a city, metro, state, region, or country level, in order to roll out the right initiatives.

As the eXchange offers secondary and even tertiary sales visibility, it helps to target market efforts based on the segments which is generating higher revenue, or reverse, efforts to develop the underperforming segments, whether the initiative is going to help acquire more customers, or nurture deeper relationships with existing customers for continuity and retention. 

The eXchange offers:

  • Comprehensive market intelligence
  • Segmentation at a customer, product and market level
  • Mapping of real time billings
  • Data collected at a city, metro, state, region, or country level
  • Utmost visibility to enhance performance and overall growth

The eXchange offers not only real time market intelligence, in-depth information about your end customer, market trends and behaviours, helping you make more informed choices to boost future investments and ROI, but allows masking of the price, to enable integration of data without revealing commercials or price margins, removing all apprehensions of trading partners, encouraging  sharing of quantitative information with their principal  as a practice.


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Last edited: August 3, 2018