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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX

SUPPLY eXchange


Supply only surges when the actual demand is understood. 

Our interconnected cloud network is built for multiple parties that cascade in a chain of supply, capturing the flow of goods from one point to another, and encapsulating every buyer seller arrangement. We cater to the needs of the anchor in the entire chain, whether it's a company looking to map its entire distribution network, or it's a company who wants to map there procurement network for inward supply. The eXchange offers the flexibility to design and redefine the network, to better adapt to the changes in everyday business, by enabling a unique arrangement with various classes of suppliers.

The network securely configures firewall integration between every party, such that the flow of data and records are strictly viewed only by those who are permissible. The arrangement of the commercial terms and the contracts for each related transaction, is set up on a one to one basis. Allowing parties to agree on the kind of information they would like to share with one another, addressing protocols of business intelligence sharing within a network. The platform stays neutral as the eXchange continues to offer both assurance and clarity to the parties and maintains sensitivity around what they would like to share and keep from sharing. The fundamental structure of the supply eXchange enables business to be transacted in a seamless manner, mimicking physical business onto a digital platform, ideally reflecting everyday business dealings amongst trade partners, furthermore enhancing overall performance. 

The eXchange offers:

  • Secure firewall integration
  • Arrangement of the commercial terms and multiple contracts
  • Continued assurance and clarity amongst all parties
  • Mimicking of the physical business setup
  • All carried out seamlessly on a neutral platform

Our platform brings together the multiple parties that collaboratively work in a chaotic business world, and allows them to trade in a manner that ultimately enhances not only everyday operations, but the intrinsic work culture within organizations and across their distribution network. This opens up new pathways that lead to consistent development, in order to attune the supply to accurate consumer demand.


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Last edited: August 3, 2018