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Inventory eXchange


A stitch in time saves nine.

In a B2B market environment, inventory plays a significant role for all the trade partners involved, as consumer behaviour is highly dynamic, which makes predicting demand and supply, next to impossible. Thus inventory movement and storage are considered the heart of the supply chain, as organisations are constantly trying to strike the ideal balance between forecasting consumer demand and maintaining adequate supply. 

Simply holding inventory can run up significant costs and houses a variety of risks. Regular and unpredictable demand, together with the risk associated in allocating incorrect inventory into the channel, makes inventory storage and movement an uncertain and expensive proposition.

The eXchange helps trade partners attain end to end visibility over both movement and storage of inventory, which is also archived for future reference. This helps to not only foresee successful execution in terms of delivery, but also enables trade partners to predict demand in order to meet potential supply. Overall visibility is calibrated through seamless information integrated between all stocking points irrespective of inventory ownership. 

The eXchange offers:

  • A streamlined inventory receiving process
  • Thorough visibility over inventory stocking
  • Detailed archiving of inventory orders
  • Integrated information across channel partners
  • Just in time inventory - meeting both demand and supply

Attainting a system that aids in overall monitoring and control over inventory, instils efficient receiving and stocking for both trade and transfer of goods. Enhanced visibility over multiple underlying trade and transfers allows channel partners to foresee potential orders based on emerging patterns, arriving at a just in time system which meets both demand and supply.


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Last edited: August 3, 2018