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Lead Logger


Reliably represent potential revenue generating leads.

In every organization a sales cycle of a product officially starts when an order is placed, but actually starts way before that. It goes all the way back to the initial market mapping, when organizations are in the process of choosing their target market, audience and hence their potential customers.

Usually in the spectrum of phases that a sales team goes through, a suspect turns into a prospect; a prospect then turns into a lead and the lead eventually turns into a customer, making it very easy for the salesforce to confuse this trajectory, and giving an inaccurate representation of potential lead conversions in an non-eXchange environment. Moreover the techniques used to generate leads itself can lead to a mix up in both quality and mere quantity.

Through the eXchnage the salesforce can use product information sitting within the system, and instantly log leads, highlighting the potential sales in pipeline. This eventually starts to display a sales hierarchy, as it allows visibility starting from the universe of suspects, moving up to potentially revenue generating leads, through targeted efforts of the salesforce.  

The eXchange offers:

  • Lead logging facility
  • Depiction of suspect to lead hierarchy
  • Real-time representation of potential revenue generating leads

The eXchange uses the existing information from the supply chain and trade systems to enable access to authentic information of various products, prices, and the customers, in order to log accurate leads, as for a lot of companies a large part of their sales is generated through the referrals of an existing database.


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Last edited: August 4, 2018