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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX



Organizations must adopt a customer centric philosophy, as it is through customer service that a company can build business development models to genuinely accelerate organizational growth. The entire multi-tier distribution network stands to gain depending on the intelligence being captured, nurtured, and deployed within the supply chain when organizations have customer centric principles at heart. Simply probing into customer backgrounds can shed perspective on a plethora of information, which helps deduce existing and future product acumen, besides the customer service requirements for every user in conjunction with the customers who make the purchase. This makes it crucial to correspond to the needs of every possible user and incorporate them to the existing system.


Cross functional organizations need to invest in systems with checks and balances in place to accurately determine purchase decisions, and forgo the tedious tasks of collating information and developing concrete plans forward on the basis of inaccurate and outdated data. The salesforce is dynamic and often information that is manual intensive is either lost or inaccurately transferred with changes in the sales team, making it mandatory for market intelligence to be captured and made available in a systematic manner to enhance collaboration within the salesforce across hierarchies and business units, encouraging a strategic and productive approach to winning customers.  


Sharing of accurate information through integration of various versatile interfaces exuberate a multiplier effect on efficiency. Making available intelligence across a multi-tier distribution network in order to provide the salesforce with intel from multiple dimensions in order to make calculated decisions and take action when and where it counts. At any given moment, using a single platform equip your salesforce with documented versions of the latest product masters, sales transactions, collection status, and historical records of trade to set sales benchmarks and analyse customer segments for enhanced efficiency and a desire to impact overall growth.


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Last edited: July 17, 2017