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Consumption-Based Invoicing


Making provisions for future use.

Anticipating consumer needs is essential to business growth and merely enforces the need to foresee distribution requirements, more so for multi-degree stock movement, where goods are constantly changing hands from trade partner to trade partner and getting consumed on the fly. It becomes integral for channel partners to track how much and how fast inventory is consumed, whether partially or completely, so as to account for the consignment and replenish it just-in-time.

Through consumption based invoicing the eXchange assists channel partners in tracking individual pieces of inventory down to the serial no., as it moves from supplier to end consumer and accounts for the frequency of use cases, so as to replenish used inventory well in time, and avoid missing out on potential customers. This helps to forgo the cumbersome process of managing inventory rotation through manual intensive practices in a non-eXchange environment.

Tracking consumption trends does more than simply aid in instantly replenishing used inventory, as patterns start to emerge channel partners can use that consolidated hygienic data to make necessary provisions for future use, besides predict future trends and take action well in time. 

The eXchange offers:

  • Tracking individual pieces of inventory down to the UID
  • Accounting for the frequency of use cases
  • Foreseeing distribution requirements
  • Replenishing inventory just-in-time

Consumption based invoicing through the eXchange helps to better manage the frequency of inventory use cases, and instantly helps channel partners easily ascertain what needs to be replenished, so as to avoid potential loss of sale to customer, besides mapping consumption trends to foresee future use in the long run.


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Last edited: August 3, 2018