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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX

Hassle-free Cloud Platform


For the last few decades' information is what was setting competitors apart, but with a flux of information all around, how accurately it is collated, shared, and analysed defines real success. Businesses have only recently come to recognize that growth opportunities are everywhere and that no one model works like a charm for every business.


We provide flexibility of design that is integral to encapsulate the need of the client as well as changes in the evolving economic environment, to provide consistent and hassle-free support, on a collaborative journey that embraces new horizons, to set higher and progressive targets every time.


Our system brings together both digital and design aspects propelling integration across trade partners in a multiparty environment, all in the ideal direction upholding a uniquely flexible and neutral cloud platform that offers hassle free functioning for the client and their business network.


We deploy the technology expertise that it takes to run, maintain, and restructure the platform, setting the basic foundation for businesses to optimally reach for growth in a multi-tier network across the globe, with a high level of uptime and a secure and safe platform, assessable to every user, no matter their location and operating device. Our platform allows non-technical users to spearhead routine administrative and operational tasks with ease, take on newer responsibilities, and awaken higher customer centric response to consistently unfold growth opportunities.


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Last edited: July 22, 2017