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Custody and Location Tracking


Track assets with ease no matter their location.

In a distribution network there are multiple channel partners that aspire to effectively distribute product knowledge and provide the necessary demonstrations, required to establish a solid foothold in the market. As channel partners are constantly shifting assets amongst one another in order to meet business requirements multiple times in a day, tracking becomes essential to attain real time perspective on asset whereabouts.

In a non-eXchange environment it becomes very difficult to accurately track the current custody holder at any given time, then again to appropriately capture further movement, as the assets change hands to non-accountable entities, is an incomprehensible task.

The eXchange provides access to custody records at any given time in a distribution network with the help of the assets meta information. As an added edge the eXchange also offers perspective of location, as assets shift hands outside the network on the eXchange, by a feature that tracks location separate from custody, making it easy to track assets even as they move from custodians to non-accountable entities working to strengthen product footing in the market.

The eXchange offers:

  • Mapping of assets through meta information
  • Visibility into asset location outside the eXchange
  • Real-time access to custody records in a multi-tier distribution network
  • Enhanced accountability across the distribution network

By maintaining records based on location outside the custody of channel partners the eXchange makes it possible to accountably utilized assets to their optimum levels, to make an impact where it counts.


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Last edited: August 3, 2018