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Map Journey of Every-Individual-Piece


Map each individual product from source to customer.

Traceability is all about being able to map a product, not just a product line but each individual product. This can be done by allotting the product, a series of identifications to make it easy to track valuable inventory from channel partner to channel partner, mapping the entire journey from source into the hands of the customer. To achieve this, set identifications need to be denoted for each individual item, based on the complexity required by the manufacturer, who's aiming for customer satisfaction. Identifications, also known as meta information can be broken down to code; batch, lot, serial, to name a few. Of course the life of the product adds a whole new angle, and hence expiry too must be mapped to avoid significant loss.

Through the eXchange trade partners may choose to activate or deactivate certain identification criterion, all based on business requirements. Meta information enables complete traceability of each product, from the time it is entered into the system, till it reaches the end consumer.

The eXchange offers:

  • Configuration of identifications for individual products
  • Traceability of each product from source to end customer
  • Map-able expiry to incorporate life cycle of consumables

Get a bird's eye view of every product that is floating in the distribution network, across channel partners, from source to customer custody, as the eXchange makes it possible to map the journey of every individual piece. 

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Last edited: August 3, 2018