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Partial Packages


Timely order dispatch no matter the business scenario.

When distributors place rather diverse orders there are bound to be instances, where the supplier may not necessarily hold in the warehouse the entire order requested by the distributor. Situations like these can lead to confusion, besides the possibility of errors, as they require partial packages to be rolled out.

The eXchange is equipped to allocate the dispatch of partial packages in a timely fashion, thus creating agility with its high speed processing and faster turnaround times, no matter the scenario. It enables a modular fulfilment plan, allowing partial packages to be dispatched on the basis of an extended timeline from the same location, or on the basis of dispatch from multi-locations, wherein the shipment of various partial packages is tracked for each location with ease, to fulfil orders within intended timelines, in order to meet business or customer need.


The eXchange offers:

  • Flexible dispatch solutions
  • Error free order restructuring
  • Traceability from multiple locations
  • Faster turnaround of order cycle time

Even when there is incomplete inventory stocked for a particular order, always deliver with the help of the eXchange, through an extended timeline or through access to surrounding inventory, redirected to meet business expectation or customer need.


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Last edited: August 3, 2018