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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX



Have you achieved the required integration it takes to uplift your entire network? 
Are you aware that in order to achieve growth you need to disrupt and reinvent all existing systems?

In order to attain, maintain, and grow market share in today's fast paced global economy, organizations need to realign themselves with the core values that help to successfully run consumer centric businesses. To achieve this it becomes crucial to consistently monitor operational effectiveness by enabling highly optimized and streamlined business processes, and enrich the customers experience by empowering the workforce to make informed decisions.

Our platform encapsulates a network design that interfaces sales, supply, and service applications to mandate exchange of information on a real-time basis, by bringing all the parties in a distribution network onto the very same platform. This not only ensures efficiency in terms of operations but it makes clear the role of every user. The modules have been developed in a manner that safeguard key attributes and deliver a consistent & seamless experience, dedicated to the entire multi-tier distribution network of our client organization, and their routine nuances. 

Every module asserts various workflows and multiple related scenarios as it addresses customized needs through a gradient which consistently depicts the frequency of use cases in real-time. This intelligently diverse platform continuously supports all possible business scenarios that a user encounters, in order to bridge the gap between existing levels of efficiency and optimal levels of output.

The eXchange offers:

  • All parties on the same platform
  • Compatible modules
  • Real-time data representation
  • User inclusive systems
  • An intelligently diverse platform that suits every business need

Envision the effect of such dynamism across your network and how that is likely to prepare your business for the foreseeable wave of change, integral to exponential growth. Ready your organization to enter the inevitable era of multi-enterprise business networks.


Multiply Growth. Multiply Efficiency. Contact Us.

Last edited: August 3, 2018