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Scope-Link Distribution Channel Partners


Product portfolio, brand and market area each dictates the scope for distribution channel partners.

The fundamental strategy for a distribution network to work successfully without any complexities, requires the right balance to be achieved and with it comes unlimited possibilities, determined by the chosen product portfolios and market areas. In order to achieve the optimal scope, it becomes necessary to analyse the intangible relationship between a product portfolio and its target market.

Structuring a distribution network with the ideal channel partners can be perplexing and network designs constantly evolve as they further integrate channel partners into the network when necessary. It becomes challenging for companies to constantly assimilate product portfolios for channel partners that operate in diverse regions, whether wholesaler, retailer, or distributor, the scope of business that extends to channel partners, depends entirely on their reach.

As each company develops varying brands in light of changing needs of consumers, scope in terms of brands vary, exponentially for a multitier distribution network, delivering to a large target market, or on a lesser magnitude when the product is more unique and has a niche market. The eXchange helps to get the bigger picture in terms of scope that links the distribution network, when making necessary decisions regarding the product portfolio, brand requirement, and market penetration.

The eXchange offers:

  • A bigger picture on product portfolio, brand and channel partners
  • Unlimited possibilities for integration
  • Multitier distribution network clarity

The eXchange enables businesses to access technology in a manner that sheds perspective and allows patterns to emerge in regards with the scope of a business to maximise product portfolios, brands and channel partners.


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Last edited: August 3, 2018