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Sales eXchange


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link!

Companies need to empower their salesforce to consistently work on peak performance, which is far from reality in non-eXchange business systems, where companies work with hybrid models, which include a distribution network and an operating salesforce, working together in order to maximise their go-to market strategy.

In a competitive environment, operational information is integral for formulating everyday business decisions, sales efforts, and marketing activities. Data needs to be collated consistently from multiple enterprise systems, which makes the task rather complex. As a result the probability of attainting essential data, in a timely fashion is questionable and data hygiene itself is doubtful. This leaves the salesforce inadept to carry out vital tasks, that essentially contribute to enterprise growth.

The eXchange, round-the-clock cross feeds data and accounts for real-time transactions, enabling the salesforce to be consistently updated with no lags and gaps in information, creating higher efficiency, through modules that encapsulate the sales process, management, quotations, roadmaps, etc. Instead of expending energies on data collection and its pursuit, the eXchange breaks that cycle by giving real-time access to information, and linking it directly from the source, onto live dashboards. In addition the eXchange, empowers the salesforce to hold the reigns to their own performance on an ongoing basis, and drive goals through consistent clarity. 

The eXchange offers:

  • Round-the-clock updates on real-time transactions
  • Visibility over process, management and running quotations
  • Archived data for anytime reference
  • Overview and roadmap on a live dashboard
  • Salesforce performance clarity 
  • A stronger goal oriented salesforce

Significant amount of time and resource are invested in manual process across enterprises, in the field, besides in administrative and non-value add tasks for coordinating issues in relation to routine transactions, and data collection. Invest time and resource where it counts and increase the productivity of your salesforce double-time.


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Last edited: August 3, 2018