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Sales Performance Management


Instill a success oriented mind-set amongst the salesforce.

Organizations often mismanage the performance of their salesforce, and this leads to a plethora of missed opportunities. It becomes extremely essential to provide adequate support to the salesforce and tracking a multitude of business processes enables just that.

Performance visibility acts as a constant review of what is being done right or wrong, and reflects on what requires boost or change altogether. This helps shed light on both the performance of the salesforce, and the various products in a portfolio, and is integral to spotting missed opportunities for progress.

On the eXchange, live data constantly gets computed from a perspective of accomplished targets, achievements and collections, defining the context for a company's performance metrics, through the reporting lines all the way to the top management in order to present an authentic snapshot of the earnings and incentives of the salesforce, and encourages the salesforce to perform better than the competition as they constantly strive to perform better than themselves.

The eXchange offers:

  • A snapshot of accomplished targets, achievements and collections of the salesforce
  • Real-time representation constantly offering an evaluation of performance metrics
  • Consistently informed top management
  • Salesforce with a success oriented mind-set
  • Organizations with higher profitability

With the eXchange organizations can better manage their salesforce by encouraging them to make efforts where they count, and giving them the onus to perform better every month in comparison to their own pervious sales assessments, hardwiring them for success by changing the way they view their goals.


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Last edited: August 4, 2018