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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX

Decision Support


Decisions require clarity and creativity that stem from connecting all the necessary dots when formulating viable business plans, to incorporate innovate and profitable strategies that maximize growth, within and across a multi-tier distribution network. Big data is nothing but information pertaining to routine business transactions and other client centric information, captured in order to analyse patterns of consumer behaviour, revealing relevant insight.


These very insights captured on our platform, are the intelligence that the workforce need to help accurately drive day to day decisions, measure performance in light of real-time business transactions, set viable targets, and regularly track achievements for instant validation and future inspiration, visible across the hierarchy. Propagating mindfulness and collective learning across the workforce to help create, innovate, and market quality products that meet consumer requirements and enhance their well-being.


We leverage data-driven strategies to innovate, compete, and capture value from real-time information to optimize the use of data. The customized live dashboards on our platform provide enhanced workforce mindfulness, resulting in actionable decisions made based on macro level data to lead innovations in every sphere, through insight inspired strategy formulation, that forever uplifts the entire network and the customer experience.


All while capturing, cleaning, and collating information based on micro and macro perspectives to arrive at desired outcomes. Our system is an enterprise asset for the times that lay ahead; as with it organizations empower employees to know better and knowing better is doing better. 


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Last edited: July 24, 2017