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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX


After Sales Asset Sheet


Safeguard brand reputation and ensure customer satisfaction.

Companies that value customers and focus on customer satisfaction realize the predominant market reality, that consumers are constantly growing and so are their needs and wants. Hence organizations are now more than ever before, required to gear up for all these changes and evolve alongside.

By mapping the entire product line on a single platform, common to the multiple channel partners in a distribution network, customer service is customized to deliver optimum performance through the eXchange. Channel partners are better able to assess the accurate life cycle of a product and if applicable each component from the assembly line, besides the exact warranties, defined claim guidelines as per the invoice and other associated documentation captured on the system. Trade partners thus attain the prerogative to foresee when warranties are close to maturity through inbuilt alerts, and can assess the quality of products which required maintenance within their warranty periods, and take a proactive stance to analyse and fix product flaws.

End-to end visibility enables constant feedback and captures the essence of each product, preventing disputes and encouraging prompt action from all channel partners to make the product experience an enriching one for consumers and trade partners alike.

The eXchange offers:

  • End-to end visibility over product life cycle
  • Feedback on product quality, warranty and maturity
  • Streamlined processes across the multi-tier distribution network
  • Accountable and united channel partners
  • Proactive timely action 
  • Ever-growing customer base
  • After sales services that enhance the asset sheet

The eXchange instils accountability amidst channel partners to take timely action, as information is made available in real time and is visible at all times, encouraging faster turnaround times, streamlined processes, and improvement in overall  alignment between trade parties, leading to smoother functioning in terms of expected uptime, safeguarding brand reputation and ensuring customer satisfaction. 


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Last edited: August 3, 2018