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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX

Electronic Invoicing


Streamlining the invoicing process is fundamental for effortless and successful execution of order based transactions. Trade partners across the supply chain require a system that automates invoice generation, validation and archiving, for pre-approved orders, on a single platform, all the while building a collaborative network amongst trading partners. This helps to not only increase order efficiency, it enables monitoring and control over trade, as it provides immediate and accurate updates on monetary transactions.

Even while managing a large no. of transactions, avoid loss of time and resources, by eliminating the manual process which is error prone and comes at a cost. With overall visibility over the invoicing process and an accurate overview of the structured invoice data, trading partners are better able to capture and maintain accurate records for future perspective. 

The eXchange offers:

  • Automatic order based generation
  • Invoice validation & archiving
  • Real-time, error-free and efficient invoicing process
  • Financial, legal and regulatory compliance
  • Visibility and control over trade practices
  • Overall cost saving

The eXchange eliminates the need for on-paper and manual-intensive processing, throughout the supply chain. It reduces errors and improves payment terms, as it helps generate invoices in real time that match pre-approved orders, and are financial, legal and regulatory compliant, extending overall efficiency to the invoicing process and a faster strategic financial output, eliminating the potential loss of opportunity cost.

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Last edited: July 3, 2018