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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX



Our solution is to simply deter disconnectedness; by bringing everyone together on a single platform across a multiparty environment. For anytime, anywhere and anyone to access information that is integral to channelize manpower and resources, in the right direction and unfold possibilities which would otherwise be inconceivable.


The basic architecture of the platform has been developed for a wide level of digital inclusion, across unlimited channel partners in a multi-tier distribution network, forgoing expensive licenced software in order to integrate every party onto the system, despite the volume of their transactions.


We encourage hyper connectivity across systems to enable collaboration and build digital capabilities through an amendable network design for enhanced outcomes every time. In order to make real life trade possible through the platform and then go beyond to transform the ways of doing business, from easy transition across channel partners to an entirely uplifted distribution network.


As in a digital world the possibility to create end to end visibility across multiple degrees and multiple tiers of business relationships, is not only possible but is rapidly becoming the norm, for this complex web of interfaces to operate in a very seamless manner through hyper connectivity, while transforming real life business around the world.


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Last edited: July 24, 2017