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Live Dashboard


Establish a highly focused and self-motivated salesforce.

Now more than ever, the salesforce needs constant stimuli to remain motivated and focused towards the business goal at large, besides to regularly achieve their targets the salesforce requires enhanced visibility into real-time data representation, to keep them constantly updated in terms of, where they stand and how much more they need to push themselves, for more realistic and viable outcomes.

Through the eXchange, organizations can incorporate sales dashboards so that both management and the salesforce themselves can consistently monitor the various targets, achievements and collections of each member on a monthly basis.

Once the payment transpires for a particular order transaction, amongst the principal and/or various channel partners on the eXchange, a percentage of the trade on the generated invoice is computed for every sales credit flagged and is depicted in real-time on the live dashboards, as an update on their total monthly targets, achievements and collections. Since the dashboard reflects targets, achievements, collections post payments; it helps to maintain authenticity in terms of rewards and forgoes unnecessary confusion. 

The eXchange offers:

  • Live dashboards that depict salesforce performance
  • Real-time representation in terms of targets, achievements and payment collections
  • Enhanced visibility that generates realistic and viable outcomes
  • Highly focused and self -motivated salesforce

The eXchange offers a system by which the salesforce consistently re-ignites their internal drive, as the eXchange depicts their monthly performance in real-time, encouraging them to constantly deliver high performance.


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Last edited: August 4, 2018