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Target Setting


Constantly align targets with consumption patterns.

Successful target setting revolves around the need for an organization to drive high performance by understanding their purpose, using it to set achievable targets, and hence stimulating the workforce by hardwiring them for success. It becomes essential to empower the salesforce by integrating processes across the supply chain to drive better decision making, as reflecting on collated data, helps to achieve targets by using the resources at hand in an efficient manner.

This however is not entirely possible in a non-eXchange environment, as purpose lacks clarity of direction, making it difficult to execute tasks without data hygiene. Besides sales skews vary significantly throughout the year as both customers and markets constantly undergo change, highlighting various opportunities in terms of peak demand periods and popular product portfolios.

Through the eXchange a principal's administration team can define salesforce targets, as plotting skews helps to gain perspective in order to align target to the actual skews in sales. Targets can be set by factoring in actual consumption based on seasonality and buying patterns, on a monthly basis and having the system automatically allocate incentives when sales materialize, per product and portfolio. 

The eXchange offers:


  • Plotted sales skews per month and portfolio
  • Perspective on buying patters
  • Accurate target alignment
  • Proactive salesforce

The eXchange not only helps generate market reports when needed, in order to align targets with constantly emerging consumption patterns, but also sets up a sales hierarchy, to ideally delegate responsibility by linking the workforce altogether, and allocating targets that translate all the way from front line workforce, up to top management, to consistently streamline the unified purpose of the business.


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Last edited: August 3, 2018