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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX

Managed Services


The design, digital, and deliver system is only the beginning in a series of transformations that organizations and their network must accommodate, in order to meet the future demands of evolving consumer requirements, that demarcate each segment to authorize effective distribution, essential to streamline expansion and accelerate growth.


We strive to constantly add value one way or another, by managing the essential services our clients might need in their journey to imbibe evolving business trends, offering them competitive advantage while saving costs and driving expansion.


To provision for our clients needs we are willing to go one step further and set up regional stocking points, which are closer to market and are intermittent points of distribution consolidated for multiple companies, to this accord we deem ourselves the neutral party that holds the necessary regulatory registrations required per stocking point, taking the load off of our clients, while saving them substantial logistic costs.


We offer the flexibility necessary to accommodate crucial pieces of design and strategy, which pertain to us being a nodal anchor i.e. a neutral intermediary, for monitoring and regulating such activities. We are ever ready to manage any service that has the potential to enhance growth and operational efficiency for our prized clientele, in order to help them service their customers better.


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Last edited: July 24, 2017