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Authenticate transactions though automatic proof of delivery.

The need for proof of delivery varies from trade partner to trade partner. Most trade partners require proof of delivery principally as an audit requirement to prove order authenticity. Hence a receipt from a customer becomes integral as it acts as proof that the order dispatched was delivered and so the revenue booked on the delivery is legitimate. In a non-eXchange environment most of the times proof of delivery is assumed, which leads to speculation in terms of revenue booked.

Considering that all trade partners are on the eXchange, from principal to the end customer, every time an order is delivered to the intended party, the transit and post transit receipt is automatically generated, acting as proof of delivery, authenticating the revenue booked.

The eXchange offers:

  • Promptly generated transit and post transit receipts
  • Instant updates on receipts alerted to trade partners
  • Proof of delivery always available
  • Utmost transparency in terms of revenue generation

Avoid any further complications in terms of inappropriate revenue and unsettling balances, as the eXchange forgoes delivery assumption altogether, effectively capturing all transit and post transit receipts, which act as proof of delivery and transcend an air of authenticity in regards with revenue generation.


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Last edited: August 3, 2018