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Coverage Activation


Consistently provide customers accurate product coverage.

When governing large volumes of products it becomes perplexing for channel partners to determine the where and when of product warranty commencement, without an accurate representation of product displacement. Hence organizations need to manifest a mechanism that defines set rules and enforces them by duly inspecting the warranties of their products, in order to provide customers with top notch service.

As the transfer of goods takes place amongst channel partners, a dealer who will further sell the products to an end user requires a free window wherein the warranty is not treated as activated, but that window can only last so long, thus it becomes integral to safeguard the interest of the supplier, by ensuring timely sale to end user.

In the eXchange environment channel partners share a common timeline throughout their distribution network; this allows them to easily map a products life cycle by linking it with its invoice and accurately defining the appropriate warranty activation period, guarantying customers the utmost coverage. 

The eXchange offers:

  • Common timeline throughout the distribution network
  • Precise mapping of product life cycle
  • Defined warranty activation period
  • Accurate product coverage
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

Through the eXchange channel partners better ascertain the appropriate warranty coverage activation period and are better able to service their customers as they meet their product quality expectations.


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Last edited: August 3, 2018