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Managing Recalls


Manage recalls proficiently.

In a world where constant innovation is a driving force, businesses keep coming up with diverse commodities in terms of functionalities, besides their constant upgrades. There are bound to be cases where a certain batch of goods after having been distributed, are realized to be faulty in some manner. When this happens the complete batch needs to be recalled immediately in order to avoid negative publicity. In a non-exchange environment it would be impossible to know the whereabouts of each product, let alone total recall, leaving the business in a state of flux, all because of incomplete or assumed information.

The eXchange helps zero down the whereabouts of the entire batch of goods, down to the last product, as it tracks the entire product distribution cycle through its meta information, from batch, lot, right down to the serial number. No matter the scenario the system helps locate the products in real time to help manage recalls faster and smarter. 

How the eXchange helps:

  • Meta information configuration of each individual product
  • Instant tracking facility
  • Efficient recall management

Even if a faulty batch of goods has been sent out into the distribution network, enable damage control through the eXchanges instant traceability feature, and attain hassle-free recalls, no matter their batch size or where they have reached in the distribution cycle. 


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Last edited: August 3, 2018