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Item Pricing


Price variations often complicate B2B transactions, as suppliers seek the flexibility to apply prices based on various aspects of a transaction. From the type of a transaction to its volume, and location besides seasonality, making it essential to support different pricing mechanisms. This simply reaffirms how suppliers never have one single item price, and why buyers on the other hand, consistently demand transparency.

An integrated B2B supply chain requires the right tools and frameworks to support multi-pricing scenarios, besides multi-pricing structures for a host of sellers, while guaranteeing price information privacy and transparency in terms of accurate price transactions.

The eXchange allows configuration of multiple price variations, for every possible transaction scenario, where buyers can only view item prices, that are applicable to their transactions. Automatic updates take place as transactions are executed, obviating the need for manual application or verification of price information. Allowing both buyer and seller to view price information while placing orders or accepting transactions, respectively, in order to consistently maintain transparency.

The eXchange offers:

  • Configuration of multiple price variations
  • Secured pricing mechanisms and structures
  • Automatic updates on price alterations
  • Transparency in order placement and acceptance

Buyers get the flexibility to apply their chosen price lists and sellers get to decide whether they want to accept, real life business transactions electronically, allowing trade to occur in an accelerated and stress free environment, upholding transparency and carrying out secured transactions.

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Last edited: August 2, 2018