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Sales Credit Flagging


Authentically capture sales credit realty.

Sales incentive structures form the largest marketing investment for almost every organization and can vary from business to business, which makes it integral for organizations to incorporate the diverse implications of each selling scenario, as some companies operate on commission and others base incentives on achieved targets.

As technology continues to integrate every aspect of a business, it becomes necessary to formulate a compelling sales incentive structure, which is rather complicated even in a non-eXchange environment, as almost every order transaction has multiple individuals converging onto the sale, and ideally an incentive plan should reward every participant by aligning their earnings with actual sales. Hence referral credits need to be accounted for and this makes appropriate incentive tagging absolutely critical, so as to offer righteous sales credits and uphold due diligence.

On the eXchange, once an invoice is generated on an accepted order by the principal, sales credits are allocated by tagging each member responsible for generating the order, with a percentage of the invoice, exclusive of tax, as the order gets logged into the system. 

The eXchange offers:

  • Sales credit flagging on invoice generation post order acceptance
  • Incentive tagging of upto 200 sales representatives
  • A percentage of the generated invoice exclusive of tax
  • Streamlined incentive structures and a motivated salesforce

The eXchange configures incentive tagging for upto 200 sales representatives for appropriate sales credit allocation, so as to incorporate a realistic incentive model from the real world of business, that authentically capture realty.


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Last edited: August 4, 2018