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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX




The shift from a product economy to a digital service economy is rapidly increasing the impact of automation in every aspect of life, making it a necessity, more than an opportunity for growth. Organizations require opportunities to overcome routine challenges and transform their enterprises, through breakthroughs that help evolve entire multi-tier distribution networks.

We pride ourselves as we add value through professional services that fundamentally enhance strategy, technology, operations and processes, aligning them through automated integration of versatile interfaces. The amalgamation of which significantly brings about optimal solutions for every possible evolving concern.

Organizations stand to watch important initiatives take flight without hiccups and for ambition to flourish instead of flounder. Through the act of balancing both micro and macro views of working, and utilizing them, for optimal transformations through technology, people, and process, no matter the place.

The quality of our service can be seen across the supply chain, enhancing sales and optimizing distribution, significantly impacting strategic outlook and in turn growth, by delivering impeccable performance, and upholding the promise of customer service, through the triad of design, digital, and deliver.

Multiply Growth. Multiply Efficiency. Contact Us. 

Last edited: December 26, 2017