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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX

Rollout and User Support


The implementation of change from a traditional to a digital system can initially be overwhelming, and hence requires continuous support throughout the transition led transformation. As it is integral for the workforce to get well acquainted with the various user friendly applications, which soon shall become an integral part of their individual growth journey.

The rollout process required to attune the workforce to the applications on an operational level could easily take weeks and even months, depending on their existing work culture and inherent thought process. We promise utmost care to ensure a smooth and patient helping hand that excites the workforce to get started; regularly monitoring and putting at ease every evolving concern.

We constantly play an active role as a partner in the entire journey, as we logically structure the rollout, keeping in mind the core trade partners and their needs besides our clients, so as to consider every relatable aspect. Even after the rollout is complete we provide a fulltime user support system, that based on agreed protocols helps garner solace through a ticketing system that empowers the workforce to clarify concerns in an efficient and assessable manner.

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Last edited: December 26, 2017