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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX

DESIGN [Disrupting for Growth]


Our system design is the nucleus of our offerings, bringing together disconnected systems to manifest scalable, reliable, and secure expansions, through integration that is fundamental in a fast-paced digital economy. The whole and sole reason for our embodiment of a dynamic system, is to consistently define the why of transition.


Through simulated thinking, we aim to strike the ideal balance between current and perceived operations, and enhance mindfulness of personnel from front line workforce, to top level management. And drive design to fasten the journey of transformations, by consistently disrupting existing systems, to allow rapid service, and deliver measurable organizational growth.


We bring in new perspectives to areas in need of improvement, besides taking on the challenges that require problem solving. By integrating the design of significant growth models and generating the best upside for our clients business.


We move beyond technology to bundle strategic and operational support, constantly thinking ahead to provide our clients with the edge they need, to enhance their focus and capability, and change the way they do business.


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Last edited: July 22, 2017