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Capitalize From Stock


Track assets with ease directly through the item master.

An enormous amount of investment goes into resources that add value to an organization. Hence it becomes necessary to frequently provision for assets that are used for either training the salesforce, besides day to day use, all aimed at business growth. Assets are stocked mainly for the purpose of revenue generation by enhanced marketing of product demonstrations to prospective clients, especially when organizations are looking to expand their reach.

Revenue generating and non- revenue generating assets are inventory capitalized as assets, and need to be tracked just like any other inventory in the system, as in order to reach the target audience, channel partners need to either vend or loan out these assets across the distribution network so that the salesforce can utilize them to demonstrate product value in a wide range of locations. 

As assets are originally inventory; each product has its own stock keeping unit and can easily be tracked through the eXchange, as with the help of the SKU it becomes easy to differentiate between, durable, consumer and goods capitalized as assets.

The eXchange offers:

  • Recording, allocating and monitoring of company assets
  • Tracking of each individual product in inventory
  • Assets capitalized from stock for revenue generation
  • Clear differentiation between, durable, consumer and goods capitalized as assets.

The eXchange offers capitalization from stock, which allows channel partners to simply track assets that are mainly inventory through the item master without having to generate a whole new asset master, forgoing duplication of work, and maintaining clarity amongst the various channel partners in a distribution network.


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Last edited: August 3, 2018