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Distribution Channel


Growth does not exist in isolation, it is linked.

Distribution networks evolve with time and business needs, and are considered key drivers of profitability, as they directly impact both distribution cost and customer experience. Given that they are designed to maximise market potential, businesses constantly rearrange the distribution network design in a variety of ways, creating complexity in how the terms of distribution are met.

Automation in these contexts is very challenging, as simply adding piecemeal elements to existing processes doesn't deliver optimal outcomes, besides handling distribution in the traditional sense has also been equally inefficient.

The eXchange helps create the right distribution network design and supports iteration of that design, with the flexibility to incorporate changes. Making both the terms and scope of distribution highly adaptable, to constantly align with evolving business needs, and various channel partners. Not only does the platform enable effective integration amongst trade partners, but allows for scrupulous visibility over trade in order to strengthen existing networks to attract future possibilities. 

The eXchange offers:

  • Integration of diverse networks
  • Flexible distribution network designs
  • Adaptable terms and scope of distribution amidst channel partners
  • End to end visibility over distribution of goods to end user
  • Endless possibilities for growth

Considering that the existing in addition to prospective portfolios, brands, and chosen market areas, dictate channel partners in a given distribution network, continue evolving and anticipating business needs, with utmost visibility across distribution networks, no matter how diverse.

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Last edited: August 2, 2018