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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX

Strategic Clarity


For organizations to consistently perform, it becomes absolutely crucial to maintain strategic clarity amongst every member of the workforce. How senior level management instils this clarity, determines not only workforce performance, but it impacts the evolution of the organization itself.


Yet the top management in most organizations derail from their very own strategic perspectives, often accepting mediocre ways of working when it comes to who they serve and what they sell, preventing actualization of their full potential. Making it integral for top management to acquire accurate perspectives, to effectively analyse and delegate, sometimes even rethink the best way forward.


By establishing an open forum of to and fro thinking that commemorates what really matters, based on current and desired states, we provide a sounding board that helps organizations delink realities, through reflection over their existing go to market strategy, and together help build fundamental systems that have the potential to transform clarity, strategy, and purpose itself.


We aim to free our client's mindshare of clutter related to operational and administrative tasks, so that they can focus on their customers for growth of their business and innovation in their sphere, all while exploring collaborative thinking to better prioritize and achieve overall organizational strategic clarity. 


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Last edited: July 22, 2017