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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX


Exchange for Med-Surg Distributors


Become the distributor of choice. Stop wasting time on transactional anomalies. Upgrade the way you do business.

INHX improves the business of med-surg distributors in multiple ways. Being a distributor-friendly exchange, we empower the med-surge distributor to do more and grow more. We enable distributors to smoothen their day-to-day operations, get better alignment with their business interfaces; improve their focus on customer relationships; and sharpen their thrust on strategic growth matters. Besides benefits for a medical devices supplier, distributors gain substantial upside:

  • Gain better alignment with principal suppliers via assured conformance with contractual obligations.
  • Free advanced business automation to upgrade from manual inefficient processes and focus more on business growth.
  • Open possibilities to accept/rotate consignment stock for stronger just-in-case preparedness.
  • Get more control and assurance in day-to-day operations with better bookkeeping.
  • Customer satisfaction with better contract management and with more time to spare for them.
  • Fuel relationships by supporting small providers to upgrade to the exchange and improve general management.
  • Scalability to quickly extend business arrangements with speedy hassle-free on-boarding; and find more products to distribute or get discovered by new principal suppliers.

No Scope Overlap. No Conflict of Interest.

Ambitions of INHX do not include becoming a med-surg distributor. We have our scope clearly defined; and we have enough on our plate to focus on. This statement upfront clarifies that there is no competitive threat between the exchange and any med-surg distributor. Activities of INHX are to enhance the connection and alignment between the principal supplier and their distributors, both offline through the trunk line distribution network and online through the supply chain automation cloud.

Independent Last Mile

Our network design does not overstep into areas that can even potentially affect the competitive advantage of one principal supplier vs the other. From the trunk line distribution network the goods move to the med-surg distributor staying away from any conflict in your market interfaces or customer relationships. Being an open and neutral exchange, we restrict our scope to the trunk line network only. We do not undertake last mile ie local market distribution activities. Also that includes a blend of sales, service and relationship management - which is beyond our focus areas. We only support those from the backend with the information tools and business model innovation.

Professionalization of Business

Given that most med-surg distributors are challenged with their management orientation, they struggle with setup of robust processes and information tools. On a larger-view they are either labled as unorganized or even unprofessional. At an operational level there is a lot of misalignment during everyday transactional interfaces - leading to constant bickering, unwanted confusions and heated arguments. All this consequentially impacts the business relationship, making it sour and uncordial. Working with INHX helps distributors overcome these challenges as they inherit a bundle of benefits including orientation, processes, automation and reporting tools.

Almost Free for Distributors

Since INHX business model is based on pay-for-use arrangements, the arbitrage on trade throughput on the exchange is charged on a supplier-only-pays model. Very much like the caller-only-pays model of telecom - where incoming calls are free for the receiving party. Therefore, hospitals and distributors get to use the exchange for free on that account. Likewise the common master is nominally charged to the suppliers only - no charge to hospitals and distributors for the use of information and other related tools. Minimal costs that potentially accrue for hospitals and distributors may be related to implementation and ongoing user support or some costs for customized development or integration requirements. Moreover being a cloud platform, there are no specific hardware/software requirements. Also, it is future-proof and hassle-free in terms of upgrades and uptime respectively.

Interested to Explore

Interested to explore upside for your business? Write to us at We will be glad to answer any questions you may have about the exchange and how it improves your business.

Last edited: July 18, 2017